Friday, June 6, 2008


I want to thank Grace of Gracebeading. She sent me this note and these beads which were tucked into the little silver box. She was thanking me for the encouragement I gave to her by visiting her blog during the past year. I enjoyed visiting her blog; it's a nice one! She's always showing what she is doing for one cause or another which puts me to shame! She certainly didn't need to send me anything but I will enjoy the items none-the-less.
The card is a great idea for an idea jumping-off point and the envelope is so pretty it will certainly find it's way onto an inchie, an ATC or some other art piece! The lampwork beads don't show up real well but they are beautiful and will look really nice whether in jewelry or some other project. The box is perforated and I can imagine taking these seed beads plus some others and making a fringed top on it.
Thank you so much Grace. When I do make something with these items I'll post it for everyone to see.


Mary Tafoya said...

Hey Miz Freebird -- YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED.

Go here, copy and paste, then post to your own blog (and don't forget to tag five others!)

Janet said...

Unexpected gifts are so much fun. I think you received a lovely one here. And the card is beautiful. I love that flower-shape.

Fannie said...

Hi, Freebird! Nice gifts. You do leave encouraging comments. I understand her desire to express gratitude to you.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, my friend!

Crayons said...

Hi Freebird,
What a nice gesture! I really love the blogging community. I've been so inspired and encouraged by bloggy friends. You deserve that gift!

freebird said...

Everyone, I think the thing is we have a nice blogging community. Who would've thought the internet could actually bring about real communities but it has and you are all part of it.