Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Old Quilt

I have been trying all morning to get these pictures uploaded. I
finally checked my camera to find it was set on the biggest file size. I changed that and then went and cropped my pictures to make them smaller. That helped but I still had to upload them one at a time as evidently Blogger couldn't handle them even two at a time (I tried).

Sue at From the Magpie's Nest shared a picture of her great-grandmother's Wedding Ring quilt so I thought I would pull out my grandmother's quilt and share pictures of it plus take a poll to see what you all think I should do with it. (That's if I can get the poll thingy to work. If not I'll have to amend my post).

My grandmother was not one for communication so we know nothing other than that she made this quilt - sometime! It's in one piece but as you can see the edges and some of the pieces are a bit ragged. The quilting is gone in large parts of the quilt. The only way I see to restore it would be to requilt the whole thing, replace a few patches and rebind it. I don't feel like it would be Grandma Minnie O'Keefe's quilt anymore. I don't like leaving it sit folded up in the linen closet though.

Oooooh, I just figured out what my May page for the BJP is going to be! Yay, I didn't have a clue what to do and now I know. Stay tuned!

Let me get back to Grandma's quilt. I think she used pretty colors in the quilt and you can see some of the patterns in the fabrics. I really wish she would have shared more of herself with us.

I have some sisters who think this quilt is valuable and would bring in a tidy sum of money which in their way of thinking would be divided among six of us....yeah, they just really don't know it is only of sentimental value but they don't do any crafts at all so they really wouldn't know.

Okay, go take a look at the poll.


Dee D said...

Sounds to me as if you will be beading a little quilt for BJP. Oh what a good idea. Your Grandmother's quilt is lovely.

Fannie said...

Your post reminds me of Alice Walker's "Everyday Use." Among other issues, the characters in the story try to determine whether or not an heirloom quilt should be displayed or used.

Making a decision about what you would do is easier than trying to decide what is best for a group. I don't envy your task. All of your choices sound great.

Nice thought-provoking post.

Mary Timme said...

It is so odd to me that we've learned to love quilts. My parents who grew up in the teens, 20's and out into the world in the dirty 30's hated them. I remember my mother sewing in a cold room, during WWII in the winter, under the light of a kerosene lamp, and quilting the night away. My dad went to play poker to pay for medicine and mom worked at home. (My Dad almost always won as he had a photographic memory and a lot of smarts at cards and knew from the first two plays what everyone had.) Quilts were a necessity for us. But my folks hated them. It is strange to think of that looking at the old quilts. How times change.

Crayons said...

Hi Freedbird,

I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing the photos. I have no skill with fabric, so it amazes me to see what people (women) do with it. I also liked the comments! Fannie is right, you set up a good question here. I also liked reading Mary Timme's comment on the role of quilts in the past.

Carol said...


WOW - I think it's too precious to sell, it's a family heirloom so I think it should be kept, now you could perhaps make cushions with the well preserved bits and then use them so you'd see at least part of it? Maybe used the not so well preseved bits in another quilt?

What a decision to have to make but I would have to keep it!!

Let us know what you decide

Sacredartist said...

I had an old wedding ring quilt that my great grandmother made. I cut the middle away as the edges were raggy. I actually gave away the edges at a quilt group action. Then I saw pieces of my quilt show up as angels. Kinda nice. I haven't done anything with the quilt. I think that in the book Quilted Memories she takes an old quilt and makes another quilt out of it...I think that the appliqué picture in front of the quilt is her grandmother hanging up the clothes on a clothes line.

Magpie Sue said...

It looks like your quilt is one of the many, many Double Wedding Ring quilts that were made in the '30's or thereabouts. One reason they're not as valuable - because they are so common. The suggestion to make cushions/pillows out of the better pieces of it is a good one. I also like cutting and framing bits to share with your siblings. Including a picture of your grandmother is an excellent idea.

Grace said...

Ooh, you got to be listed in Sharon B's TIF blog roll for the letter "F". Cool beans!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OO, what a LOVEly piece to have in your family.

Can't wait to see whatcha working on!

xo, Monica :)

Carol said...


Please would you consider joining the SBS 20 TEAM??

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Hope you will as I admire your work!


Carol said...


Me again!!
Trust you are well... so sorry I didn't think just really admire allyour creations

I have discovered this link

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