Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Journal Class and Challenge

I've been taking Sue Bleiweiss's journal making class. It's been a lot of fun so far. I will be making a post showing all that I've done but on another group ( A.R.T. ) there is a challenge to make a project of any sort in olive green and purple. So, I made the third journal in Sue's class in the colors for the challenge and killed two birds with one stone. I really like how the journal came out and I would never have picked these colors for it were it not for the challenge.

I painted the sticks used to embellish the stitched part of the journal with green and then glazed them with gold since there was a bit of gold in the patchwork of the cover.

I highly recommend both Sue's class and A.R.T. You might want to take a look at both of them.


Aimeslee said...

Hi, Timaree. Just wanted to come by and say hi. Hey, love your quiltie inchies and got a chuckle about your upside down journal page. Why didn't you just glue in the photos onto a *real* page spread? I apologize, I am not a fan of digital pages, even though I use lots of digitals elements. I like creating the real thing and will lose those skills if I replace everything with digi. I'm like, just create a digital album if I have to create entire pages. Anyway, wow, you moved every 2 years for 35 years????? Is your dh retired military? If so, thanks for both of yours service. xoxo

Mary Timme said...

Wow! Nothing stops you. I just saw the title of the post before and have to go look. How cool this journal you are making is.

Sue B said...

So glad you're enjoying the class!

Scrappy Cat said...

What a cool book - glad you're enjoying Sue's class. She's a great teacher!

And glad your dog is ok - that must have been REALLY scary!

Pursuing Art... said...

What a fun class to take. Her classes look wonderful.

Your journal turned out beautiful...I really like the sticks you used to cover the stitched part too!

It turned out really nice, Timaree!

~Lisa ;-)