Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update to Rattlesnake Bite

Yay! It sounds like Sarah is going to live and be okay. She survived the night and is getting wound care to her nose today and then tomorrow (when I get home) we'll bring her home from the veterinarian's. Thank you all for caring and hoping and praying for her. I really love the community we have here online.


Doreen G said...

Thank goodness for that Timaree--I hope she has learned a lesson from this experience.

missy k said...

So glad to hear that things are looking good for Sarah.

I am so glad we don't have to worry about snakes over here.

Hope you had a pleasant trip other than all the drama!


Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Timaree...thank goodness...that is the best news!!! I'm so happy for you all. She's a strong girl and she'll be so excited to see you and come back home!

Safe travels and take care...~Lisa

Tracey N. said...

YAY!!! I am so happy to hear Sarah is coming along. Its good to have a happy ending isnt it?

Magpie Sue said...

Whew! I hope Sarah continues to improve - and has learned her lesson. Do you think she'll stay away from rattlesnakes now?

Bonny said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Sarah! I'm happy she is getting better. She'll be as happy to see you as you will be to see her, I'm sure of that :)

Gentle tummy rubs to Sarah. She has more friends than she realizes.

Carol said...

We were all pulling for her. This is such good news.

Rattlesnakes where you live. Black Widow spiders where my friend Deb lives.

Maybe I'll just stay in Northern Indiana with snow, hail, torados, and thunderstorms.

freebird said...

Hi everyone. I hope Sarah has learned snakes are to stay far away from.