Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photo Theme for Thursday

I thought I'd try a new thing here. It's based on using a photo to fit a theme and you can find the site here. The theme this week is "Tranquil". I am a little late for this week but it was held over for another week so I should be covered. Here is my photo:


Charlotte Therese said...


Thanks for commenting in my blog - I'll answer you there as well, and will quote what you wrote in today's posting!

I love your nick name (am a free bird too!) - and got to think of this story that I wrote some years ago - think you'll like it:

You'll find my art and other stuff here:

The page isn't updated in a long time, but you'll get an idea.

Here's one of my latest paintings (not good photos of it though), while speaking of birds... :-)

Carol said...

When I first saw the pic, I thought " what a peaceful walk". Then I read what it was supposed to express. You nailed it!!

pam T said...

how very cool! okay is this another group you belong to? I am going to have to check this out. love the pic and the scenery... now that IS peaceful.

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Timaree,

Haven't been online for quite awhile. Wanted to swing by and see what I've missed.

Photo Theme for Thursday sounds fun! I might like to try it. Your picture is beautiful and tranquil. It would be a very peaceful walk in front of those mountains!

Your April BJP is wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing them all together. I liked your idea of the colorwheel a lot.

Your inchies, as always, are great. What fun pieces you've created.

Loved the pictures of the dove in her nest, eggs, and her darling cute! Glad to hear Sarah is jumping and doing well too. The flower picture is beautiful with the bees!

Your spoon rack is lovely. I love the colors and it goes perfect with your cannisters. What a keepsake from your mom to have!

Hope you have a nice labor day weekend! ~Lisa

Fannie said...

It is tranquil. Nice photo. Thanks for sharing.

Maggie R said...

Your photo says it all...
What a beautiful peaceful place to be

Jacquie said...

well, that definitely looks tranquil, if not quiet. :o) sorry haven't posted in a while...Love the idea of finding a pick to go with a quote!