Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fake Journal - Page Four

I have my fourth page done for my fake journal. This page has my fake flowers on it. I made french beaded flowers and put them in clay I had stuffed into this watering can. Then I sprinkled a little dirt over the clay to hide it. I love these bright flowers but of course, there is no real substitute for real ones.

I painted the watering can after a question was asked in the Oils class I am taking with Nel . What color do you paint a metal thimble was the (paraphrased) question. Nel said to paint it the colors reflecting off of it as the metal doesn't have it's own color exactly. Well tonight I needed to paint a metal watering can so I played by using blue, teal, red, orange, yellow and purple in this painting. Didn't it work great? Thanks Nel.


Carol said...

This is really neat. You have me looking around to see what is actually fake in my own environment. And you turn YOURS into art. Did I ever tell you how much I admire your talent!
xx, Carol

Janet Ghio said...

I think this is the most interesting premise for a journal!!

I would love to see photos of your beaded flowers!!