Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well I have a third page done for the idea of fake. What do you think? Is the milk we drink today real? I used Pitt pen and gouache to do this page.

I am working on my latest class which is a virtual trip to England with Laure Ferlita. I'll post about that as soon as I get some paint on my page. Stay tuned.


Jo said...

Got me thinkin'........

ps looking forward to your virtual trip to England. x

Carol said...

Well, that is something to think about. There was just a scare here for a recall on tainted milk. A reporter went to a dairy farm that sells milk right from the cow, which is illegal here unless you own the cow. So, there is a group of people that want unpasturized milk and they all own the cow farm so they can have it.

It made me wince to watch he owner drink it. Wonder why.

Janet Ghio said...

This is a great little painting and an interesting thing to think about! How did you get started on the "is it fake" journal.