Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fake Journal Page Six

I have found out that a line drawn to show the shape is not really there on the object in reality. I actually knew this but hadn't seen it put into words really until I saw a blog post on Drawn2Life where Jennifer talks about why she draws as she does. Very interesting and I suggest you go take a look at the post if you haven't already. So anyhow, it led me to my current take on "fake".

I drew a continuous line drawing of my lamp I painted several years ago (it was a $5 lamp from a dollar store and I hated it till I painted it to match the furniture I'd painted). It was harder than I thought as I find I have to hold the Pitt pens so vertical to get them to draw that my hand started to hurt. I need to find a pen that will write at a slant which may better suit my left-handed curled grip. I colored it in this time with markers. Hope you enjoy it.

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Carol said...

Well cool, now you are showing us fake AND running around in our heads thinking about your commentary on the piece. I am not an artist. Never even took an art class in school. But Jennifer's ideas on one line art are interesting to think about. It makes for very angular drawings.

Do you watch Seinfeld? Every time I read one of your fake posts, I think of Elaine sitting in the diner pointing in the air saying to Jerry fake-fake-fake- fake- fake. Its a bit we use at our house lots about anyold thing!

I really enjoy and look forward to seeing your "Fake" journal posts!
xx, Carol