Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tucson VA Hospital

My husband is having surgery soon at the Tucson VA hospital so we had to go down for some pre-ops which ended up including a stay overnight for a cardio-catheterization. I took the opportunity to do a couple of sketches from his 3rd floor room window. It is a beautiful old place and they are keeping it up quite well (the room wasn't so great and the food was inedible but the hospital is lovely).

One sketch is on watercolor paper using watercolor and the other is on some Canson MiTientes brown paper so I used gouache on that one.


Jo said...

Ooooh, your poor husband. I do hope everything goes ok for him. The hospital does look beautiful, those are lovely paint sketches.


Carol said...

Hope all goes well with the surgery, as I am sure it will.

I have never seen the facilities, but your drawing shows it to be peaceful and well maintained.

Best Wishes

beadbabe49 said...

Will keep fingers crossed that his surgery goes well...

(I believe there is a law somewhere that says hospital food must be so awful that only the truly desperate will eat it...)

roc said...

those are some beautiful sketches!
i am glad to hear your husband is doing well.