Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photo Thursday

The theme for this week at Photo Thursday is "YOUTH" (Young, Energetic, Optimistic, Children, Baby, Education,...). I couldn't just upload one. Energetic describes both of these grandkids. These photos were taken a few years ago. My grandson is now on his high school cross country team where running 6 miles a day up hills and down is his norm. My granddaughter still sparkles as you could tell in her recent picture of a few weeks ago here. Why don't you join us and tell a story in a picture?


Carol said...

OMGosh, makes me think of favorite pics of MY grandkids. She is adorable and you are right she sure does still sparkle!

And your grandson! Boy, is he talented.

Peachtreeart said...

She is sooo adorable and you know...I think that is how Marilyn got her inspiration for her picture like that!