Monday, July 9, 2007


I have been having fun playing around with ATC's again. This time I thought I'd make a whole page of background. I think I'd call this background Kindergaarten! It was fun and relaxing to do. I colored with markers on bristol board. Then I cut it into pieces without trying to find the "best" parts. I thought I would just work with them the way they turned out. A minor challenge - the best kind! I have several more to play with.

Looking at the two enlarged cards, one with hearts and words of love is for my sister who just lost her husband. The other started as a doodle by another sister. We were at a party given by
yet another sister. Tena was playing a game and
getting bored so in her boredom she doodled this
pitcher. I asked her if I could keep it; she thought I was nuts for wanting junk but said okay. Now I have used it; I knew it would come in handy sometime. I am pretty happy with what I am doing with these. They are bright and cheerful which fits me well. Hope they brighten your day as well.


Sunni said...

Wow this is way to funny.
For Mothers Day my husband gave me a set of Prisma Color Color Pencils.
And the first thing I did was take out some blank ATC's and do what I call my favorite doodles. It was what I love to do in grade school and it is exactly what you did for your background. I didn't know anyone else ever did that. I LOVE IT.
I was making ATCs today also.
Keep having lots of fun,

Lillian said...

Hi, I love your bright colors and that you're having fun...what a coincidence, I've been making ATC's today also and enjoying every minute :o) I really enjoy the words you share in your comments-thanks :o) Lillian

P.S. did you ever get my email?

freebird said...

Thanks sunni and lillian. I think I am becoming addicted to ATC's as they are so small, accept absolutely any medium and are just plain fun!

freebird said...

Oh, Lillian, I don't believe I did get the email. I just can't remember getting one that asked a question I didn't answer. If I did, please excuse my poor memory and I am sorry I didn't reply. Why don't you try another one and I will watch for it. I looked for your blog but you didn't have one when I checked.

Julie said...

This is a great idea for ATCs and the colours are wonderful. A friend of mine often works in this way, preparing a sheet and then she turns it over and draws shapes across the back so that she doesn't know what she's getting till she cuts it all up. This "doodling" is very liberating as you don't have to worry about producing a picture and can work with the result as you say. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Nancy K. said...

I like this, is this picture the one before or after your frog stitching? And I learned that as rip it, as vivage says. I also like your table and chair and the umbrella. I think your page will look great when it is done.