Thursday, July 26, 2007


Have you heard of the book "Kaleidoscope" by Suzanne Simanaitis? It's a book about creativity I picked up just before I saw the BJP project being offered. It was my way of reaching beyond myself hoping for new ideas. Now, thanks to the BJP and Robin I am finding a whole new world but still am working my way through this book.

One of the projects is a journal. She has you do some pre-journal work to get ready for the journal which she calls a postcard journal. I won't tell all the steps in case someone else is going to try this but it was fun; a timed artistic free-for-all workout! Then you put the journal together supposedly with notebook binder rings of which I bought too small a size so I took the advice I gave to CC and made my own rings out of #18 copper.
Because I had already used silver eyelets I now had to blend colors so I put some multicolored foil leafing on the front. Now I have placed some of my what-if's (the placement of which I rather like) on the front. I need to put something with a bit of white in the window of the slide frame as I want to write J o u r n a l on white to add to the red strip on the right. Oh, I also bound the edges of the covers in copper tape.
My pages are different pieces cut up from the same and similar as the covers; they are cardboard too, some corrugated. Actually all this decorating is not part of Suzanne's directions - I just couldn't help myself. Later in the book she shows a way of journaling on these pages but I haven't got that far yet.

If you've read the book or done some of what is in the book tell me, what do you think of it?
I've finished the cover now and have added a picture of it to this post. First, the triangle was too smooth and plain so I stamped and embossed it with red just for some texture. I used seed beads for the bit of white and silver I needed in the middle of the pink frame. The JOURNAL strip was too white so I smudged just a hint of gold onto it and edged the strip with some copper embossing powder. With the copper heart wired into the frame I felt I mixed the silver and copper well enough and I am quite happy with how it turned out.


Pearl said...

This is great. I may have to pick up this book. I love journals and journaling. And the stamp you made is great!! I've just started making ATCs. Lots of fun.

Julie said...

Wow! You have made a beautiful book. There are so many intriguing glimpses in the pieces you have used and I love the colours. I will have to look out for your source book. I have just started making ATCs too with a UK group. Exciting times!