Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, I have been tagged for a meme. Sue in western wa did this to me. The version she had which I guess I am using is:

Five things to do before I die:
1. Get high speed internet!
2. Have a maid.
3. Go to Ireland. My maiden name is O'Keefe.
4. Take lots of art workshops.
5. Get a degree in theology.

Five things I can do:
1. Spoil my grandchildren and I do enjoy it!
2. Make art. Lots of it. Especially for gifts.
3. Enjoy my cat and dogs.
4. Bake/cook. I like to bake more than cook but oh, one can't eat too much of it.
5. Take walks. Which I should do more of, just ask my son.

Five things I cannot do yet:
1. Act silly any ol' time. I included this silly picture of me with gift wrap someone put on my head just before taking a picture just to practice this one! This was Mother's Day this year.
2. Just play. No goals, no necessary end product, just play for it's sake alone. Even as a kid I had trouble with this.
3. Make professional quality art.
4. Go visit my kids or sisters any time I feel like it and stay as long as I want.
5. Live by my daughter and grandchildren. (James, she doesn't move around like you do.)

Five things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Seeing men being kind to their families.
2. Seeming capable as in Mr. Fix it all.
3. Overall intelligence.
4. Like animals.
5. Sense of humor.
And my husband fits the bill!

Five celebrity crushes:
1. Hillary Clinton who I admire for her drive and determination in a man's (still) arena.
2. Mia Farrow for loving her adopted children and standing up for all children.
3. Grandma Moses for taking up art, a new undertaking at 90 years of age.
4. Bob Barker for urging people to be responsible for their pets.
5. As you can see, I just am not up to doing celebrities, couldn't think of anyone else to fit here.

Five people I would like to do this:
1. Tally
2. Sunni
3. CC
4. a2susan
5. the family jewels
If any of you have been tagged for this one already, just pass it on.


Sunni said...

Oh you bad girl...Ok off to my journal to do this...LOVE the pic,

The Family Jewels said...

I was here earlier and didn't have time to comment. I thought I read all of it, but I missed your big surprise! Thanks! Now I am no longer a meme virgin! I am not as bold as you to include such a great picture! -Tonia

Sunni said...

Freebird, I wanted to let you know I posted a new pic of the baby humming birds.

Sue in western WA said...

How fun! Great answers, and an even greater picture!!!

I also have trouble just playing. Don't you envy those who can?

Lillian said...

I love your photo Timaree! :o) Thanks for sharing, Lillian