Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fish Carving

Busy making my ATC's with my kindergaarten background, I decided I wanted to stamp on one of them and not knowing which of my few stamps are angel stamps, I thought to make my own. So, I pulled out my cheap little break-off blade knife and some Speedball Speedy Cut Printing Block rubber, drew a quick picture and proceeded. I drew the picture in pencil, turned it over and rubbed it firmly with my fingertips while it rested on a small piece of block I had cut off the larger piece. That's all it took to transfer the design. I ran over it with a sharpie pen and then started carving trying to keep in mind not to undercut and lose part of my carving which I must have done as I lost one dot and had to glue it back in place. This picture shows the block half carved because in my enthusiasm to start something new I forget I should take pictures all along the way for my blogging friends to see! I had heard these blocks cut like butter and those comments aren't kidding. Trying not to cut too much is the hard part.

After I was done with the carving I went back to one of my background pieces I had made earlier. First I stamped and embossed white shells to change the background a bit. Then, thinking the fish wouldn't show up very well on the bright background I glued a ragged piece of tissue on and then stamped the fish over it. The tissue took away too much of the brightness so I took the same trusty ol' knife and scraped away some in the center of the card. That was better. The card was too plain though, so I added sequins (I finally got to use a few!) for fish air bubbles.

I really like my fish carving; it reminds me of a wooden printing block. I am not quite as happy with the ATC so now I need to come up with another project in which to use the fish. First I will just print some in different colors on different papers and put them in my drawer for what if's (quite often that is how I work: what if I lay this on there, how does that look? No? Yes? hmmm.. well, let's try this...)

I think my fish could be used with fabric ink for a border on
a quilted cat block or in shrink plastic for card tack-ons. I'm sure I will think of other uses.


The Family Jewels said...

I love your fish stamp!

The Stampin' Up! ones that I got are angel stamps as long as you also use a TM stamp on the back if you are selling what you use an image on. I can't tell you about other companies' images, but as a S.U! demonstrator I know our policy.

Have a great day! -Tonia

Lillian said...

Great fish Timaree-you're amazing! :o) Lillian

Jane said...

This is awesome! I especially like what you did with the fish once you carved it. I love to carve stamps, and you never have to worry about whether or not it's somebody else's design -- plus, the carved ones have an artsy fresh look manufactured ones never do. Great stuff!

Jo Anne O. said...

Cool Timaree! Glad this link worked! You are SO brave to carve dots! My way I will try that one yet! Great job!