Saturday, May 9, 2009

Journal Page

I just joined a Yahoo group called Blissfully_Art_Journaling · CREATIVE ART JOURNALING FOR THE SOUL. They seem to be a very friendly group and I know some of the people there already through online classes and other groups. (Even the online world is getting smaller - lol)!
Everyday we are given a quote and a prompt to help us with ideas for our journaling. That's one big reason I joined as it's sometimes hard to think of what you want to put on a journal page.

The prompt for today was to think about whether you've buried your dreams. The quote was "A sobering thought; what if, right at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?" by Jane Wagner. My first thought as an answer to that was "and even more sobering is if I'm not and I don't!

I am also doing a mini retreat type of thing at a blog called The Alternate Path. Cassie the blog owner is helping people think about how to balance their lives to live more fully. Try it out - it's a short read for each of 12 days and it may give you something to think about.

Anyhow, because of the new group's prompt plus thinking about my path versus the "Alternate Path", I made a page in my journal. It took on a life of it's own so doesn't really match either the group or the blog but this is what they made me think of:

I used Photoshop Elements to bring in my own photos of where I live and to turn them into a journal spread in my moleskine journal. I printed it out and glued it into my journal. And like so many things I do - I glued it in upside down!! As Cassie says in her blog, be ready to forgive yourself often. I told her I know how to do this very well as I have to do it a lot!

Then I added the remainder of the path with colored pencils and added some writing in case the pictures didn't quite tell the story clearly enough!

I will probably post a journal page now and then. If I start doing too many compared to my other posts I'll probably start a new blog for it.


Mixed Media Martyr said...

Great to see you do a page after a prompt from "BAJ" - hope to see more of your pages in the future.

Carol said...

I mentioned to you that I wanted to maintain a journal and just never have. I am going to check out the group. I don't think mine would be as elaborate as yours in the beginning, but thats not really what this is about. I am going to check out the group.

Thanks for the post.

Mary Timme said...

Well it looks good to me. That is all I can say. HOpe you just enjoy the heck out of your new ventures.

Julie said...

I really like this page Timaree, especially with the added drawing of the path. It works very well and has a wonderful balance.

Carol O said...

What a beautiful journal page. I will definitely have to check out the Journaling group:)

Katie B said...

That is fabulous!