Saturday, May 9, 2009

Newest Inchy

My newest inchy is for the theme "faces". I really
need to work these under my magnifying lamp sometimes. I might have seen the sand paper scratching to far into the face. Ah, well. Life goes on! Kids are so full of life we'd do well to have some around or go to a place where you can see them play and wonder. Then we can reabsorb some of that energy that we lose as we get older.

Please try an inchy or two yourself. You can join in at Inchybyinch for one inchy or lots of them. They are a tiny bit of fun between bigger projects.


missy k said...

I think this is perfect just as it is.... its really 'alive' if you know what I mean! I have to confess my overstamping didn't work perfectly first time - or even the second..... ! Karen

Carol said...

I always love to see your tiny little work. You pack so much into an inch!

Gez said...

Gorgeous face inchie. Clever idea. Gez.xx