Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Socks - Kind of!

I have sort of finished a pair of socks. I have made
two of them but they ended up a little off with one being about a half an inch longer in the leg length than the other and that doesn't sit well with me. Unlike the last time (out of many, many pairs this has happened only the last two times I've knit socks), this time I am not unravelling one of them. I have enough yarn to make a third and we'll see which it matches. THEN I will unravel one of them.

This yarn was called You Ugly and was what Perfect Day Yarns thought was a bad die job. I've written about that before when I started these socks and you can see that post here. I don't think the yarn turned out ugly knitted up
into socks with a lace pattern. The pattern broke up the stripiness that occurred on the sole of the sock. I don't mind it there but I like how the bits of broken up color add sparkle to the sock which makes up for the lack of the lace stitch showing up clearly.

I like them and will finish the third shortly. I have learned to knit while we watch the morning news. I actually get something done besided chewing off my fingernails now.


Mary Timme said...

I think the pattern did a great job of disguising an ugly yarn or dye job. They look great. I've given away my sock kit. It hit me I'd rather make hats and scarfs and blankets for cancer victims when I knit than socks, but I like looking at a well made sock that is hand knit. I love your solution, too. I'd much rather make a new one than Rip it!

EWian said...

Well, we all have a foot that is a bit lager than the other. I have seen socks with embroided L for left foot and R for right foot...