Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photo Theme for Thursday

This wasn't the photo I was planning to put here
but the theme for this week is: "SIMPLE" (Minimalist, Simple Things, Simple Composition, Pure,...). What could be simpler than enjoying life as it is. I think my dog shows life is simple - just enjoy it.

(She thought a lizard had gone under this log but the lizard was long gone)!


Tammy said...

Definitely a simple act of pure joy. So much fun to watch the antics of our furry friends!

Carol said...

This is certainly a choice for the theme. What is more simple than a dog doing what comes naturally. Great interpretation!

Magpie Sue said...

Cute! If only we could really learn the lessons our animals have to teach us.

You are another of my blogger friends coming up on my blog as no-reply! I've tried to report this bug; we'll see if it improves.

pam T said...

o cute!!!! I am finding it funny how we can think such different things for different subjects... definitely simple pure joy for your dog!