Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Inchy for July

Can you believe we are heading into August already? It's hot and I'd like some cooler autumn weather but I'l be 100 years old by the end of the year if time keeps going by this fast!

The theme on Inchybyinch blog this week is men. I don't have any stamps to use and didn't feel up to drawing one. I guess I could have reduced a photo to fit but what came to me is the man in the moon. And also, why is it we say we see a MAN in the moon? Why not a woman? Is it just easier to say man in the moon versus woman in the moon? Did you know the Japanese see a rabbit pounding sweet rice to a pulp instead of a man? Anyhow here is my offering.


Mary Timme said...

I didn't know this! But the Japanese see odd things sometimes.

What a week! We had one day of rain and 54 degrees. Today we actually had sunshine. This has been a San Francisco summer for us I guess. The heat would make me feel like a hundred in nothing flat.

Did you know in 1055 that a bunch of men got together to: Now get this! Vote to see if women were actually of the human race! Talk about gall!

Carol said...

Well, we are suffering our coolest summer on record. July was the coolest ever and August is not starting off any better. But, If the weather were like this year round, I would be happy.

Love this inchy..Yes Yes a woman in the moon.

missy k said...

I love your inchie.... I've never thought about it being a 'man' in the moon! It took me ages to see the 'man in the moon' now I'll be years looking for a rabbit pounding sweet rice!!!!

I love the glittery effect and the face:)


LiveArt said...

lovely inchie and story to go with it :)


Magpie Sue said...

What's even more ironic is that the moon is also sometimes seen as a lunar goddess. I love your take on the theme though ;- )

Maggie R said...

Love your inchy and the story that goes with it...
I gotta try doing some inchies...
thanks for the inspiration