Thursday, September 18, 2008

Face Pin

I have been enjoying the face pins over at Grace's blog
and decided to try one of my own using the larger beads
around the face as she did. I got the UTEE face cab from Sammy last year in an ATC trade. The short bugle beads were a gift from my sister. The backing is ultrasuede and I stitched on Stiffstuff. The flower beads are much prettier and sparkly in person. I don't know if I can send it in time to join in the beaded face swap or not but I think she will make a nice gift if not.

Today I am hoping to finish my September bead journal page. Wish me luck as I keep saying things like this and then it doesn't happen!


beadbabe49 said...

She's it really too late for the swap?
ha...I keep saying that too and I still haven't edged my sept. piece!

GraceBeading said...

Hey Timaree - it's BEAUTIFUL, you did a great job!

I'm planning on mailing mine out tomorrow - I hope yours makes it in time!

Carole said...

That's really fabulous.

I have a friend who collects small carved bone faces (and she's a beader too). I'll have to show her these.

I have several polymer clay faces that I've made. What a neat way to use them.

Hélène H said...

Oh, she's truly beautiful, Freebird !

carolann said...

Wow this is stunning well done hun xxxx

sammy said...

This is very cool what you did with the face! Thank you for sending me a link to see it and mostly want to thank you for the wonderful inspiring words of faith you shared with me.... this really helps me deal with things... hugs,

Cathy W said...

I love this! and your BJP pieces (both 2007 & the first one for 2008).
Fabulous work & just what I need to get going again myself. I'm behind one month for 2008 & still have my last two to finish for 2007. I have the ideas of what I plan to do .... but finding/making the time to do it is something else.

I also am quite intrigued by your inchies. Are these inked? (the "Happy Anniversary" ones -- Happy Anniversary, by the way!). Are the inches mixed media, depending on how your spirit goes?

always curious & eager to try something new .... CathyW said...

I just love your pins! Drop me an email, I'd love to do a mini-interview with you about the pins.