Thursday, February 7, 2008

Arizona Nature

I thought I would share some photos I took yesterday morning. I looked up from my computer to see a coyote standing right in front of our gate looking in. He probably was looking at the goats. He walked off and another coyote stopped at the gate and looked in.

I grabbed my camera but by the time I got it ready to take a picture they had left the gate but I caught them just outside our fence. This is maybe 50 feet from our house.
They don't look so skinny and ragged as they did during the summer but I'm sure they have their winter coat . We've also had rain so they probably aren't so thirsty anymore either. I think they are beautiful creatures although I don't want my dogs or even me to come across them outside the fence.
I know it's hard to see them as my photography isn't the best. I took these pictures from inside the house between the slats of our blinds. I wish I had taken more of a close up picture. I'm sure there will be another opportunity.


Doodles said...

your photo's are just fine......thanks for visiting my blog and entering my's so wonderful to meet all of these new bloggers.

right now we are in southern arizona and loving it.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

oh that coyote must have found a wascally wabbit. Thanks for the shots & sharing your world... I MISS AZ so! xo, Monica

Naturegirl said...

I'm coming to your state in a few weeks to get away from our mountains of snow! I sure hope I have this photo opportunity as I am an avid nature photographer and lover! Come see how the other half lives!! :)NG

Laume said...

They are pretty animals, although I don't want them near my yard with my cats and small dog. My BIL lost a dog to a coyote pack once, so sad. I know they don't know the difference between a pet and a wild animal, but it's sort of scary.
When my youngest was four, we lived in the desert. One day I was trying to get him to answer questions about night and day. We'd gone through the sun in the sky in the day and the moon in the sky at night. I asked him "and what else comes out at night?" meaning stars. I coached him "there's a lot of them....." He brightened up and said "Coyotes!"
This afternoon I went out the front door and found three young deer standing about six feet away from me and only a few feet away from three of my cats. We stared at each other for about a minute and then they trotted off down the road.

paru's_circle said...

great photos, my aunt used to have house view at the back of her place, the superstition mountains, she lived in apache junction, she died b 4 i could go out and see her