Sunday, February 24, 2008


Katie of the blog Hummingbird Chats has tagged me to reveal seven random things about myself. I'm game for a lot of this stuff. I think it helps to make the Internet a neighborhood. So here goes:

  1. I'm shy. Yes, really. I act out to cover it up.
  2. I love all the foods that are bad for me like fried (McDonald's french fries, fried zucchini and chicken, mouth is watering. How about yours?), buttery (pound cake, fudge, caramels, toffee; gotcha going yet?), and meaty (teriyaki steak, a good T-bone, pot roast; ready to eat?), and cookies.
  3. My favorite colors used to be a combo of blue, yellow, white, pink and green but now it also includes red and purple and sometimes orange.
  4. I have been married 35 years and the home I am in now is the first one I have lived in for more than two years. (none of the others reached two years and this one has been my home for over five years now).
  5. My favorite plants are bougainvillea and eucalyptus trees.
  6. I miss living in California.
  7. Poodles are my favorite type of dog.

And now I am supposed to pick five people to tell seven random things about themselves. Well, let's see....who would be game for about:

  1. Sue in western Washington
  2. Jacq Fibers
  3. Cheryl of the blog Artsy-Fartsy
  4. Wanda of the blog Art By Wanda
  5. Jacqui of Puddle of Dreams

Well, that's it for this post. Hope you enjoyed it and learned something about me.


Sue in western Washington, USA said...

Ha! You picked well! I'm usually up for this sort of thing too. I'll post my seven random things soon. The hardest part will be coming up with other people to tag!

Jacqui said...

I have written my reply and tagged 3 people so far. Still thinking about the other 2.

Hummingbird Chats said...

Great facts..your smiling face makes it hard to tell that you are shy...thank you for playing a long. Katie