Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentines My Style

I've seen some very pretty valentines while
looking around at other blogs. I am not ready to make any like that right now. My grandkids want something that looks pretty good but they are more interested with what's inside. So when a holiday is approaching and I need something for them this is how I go about doing things.

I happened to have come across a few small brown paper bags so I thought I would decorate them, fill them with candy and a treat, and then mail them off. Nothing like having something at hand to start a project off with. I grabbed a sheet of pink (high quality) construction paper and some slide mounts, some red paint and some card
with which I could make a heart shape for tracing. I also have some stickers I bought at WalMart to jazz things up a little bit.

I started by spraying the slide mounts and a plain sheet of paper with red acrylic paint diluted with water. I punched tag shapes out with a new punch I bought (it does 3 sizes of tags). I punched holes in the tops of the bags where I will thread some gold gift wrapping ribbon after filling the bags. I ran the name tags through my Xyron machine with the magnet backing so the kids can unstick the magnets from their bags and keep the memory of Valentine's Day by putting the tags on the fridge.

Pandora just had to get in on the act. She wanted to chew on the ribbon.


the lone beader said...

I always loved making Valentines when I was a kid:)

Julie H said...

This looks like fun, and what a sweet kitty joining in.

I have that tag punch and use it all the time. So many uses.

Naturegirl said...

Ahh.. Pandora is lovely ..I am looking forward to coming to Az where my grnandchildren live and have these crafty times with them! I'm bringing my two black felines with me as every Nana has furry helpers! Your gifts are from the heart Nana! :)NG

nancy huggins said...

I love the help of the kitty. Ihave that happen a lot too..if I lay a piece of fabric out to work on something...they jump up on it...they think I put it there for them.
Kitties are so unpredictible and cute (most of the time)
Nancy :)