Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where Does the Snow Go?

A storm came through last night and left some snow on the mountains nearby. This is as close to snow as we've gotten this year! The first picture shows the mountains as the sun was coming out. It looked so pretty I grabbed my camera and took a picture.

An hour and a half later I looked out and saw the snow was already gone! Moisture just doesn't last long here plus the sun is so strong. (We can sit out in the sun with the temperature at 60 degrees and be plenty warm as long as we are out of the wind)!

Hope you enjoyed the view.

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Tally said...

Your surrounding looks so very different from where I live. I like very much the desert-like atmosphere your picture is showing. It looks like the part of Namibia I travelled.
Right now I envy you for your sun (here very few sun, no snow either), but in summer it will probably be awful hot???
greetings from North Germany