Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cyber Fyber ATC

I am trading an ATC with Susan Lenz of Cyber Fyber . I just received mine and am sharing the picture of it with you. I am showing both front and back as she stitched her name on it and I like that.
Isn't this a pretty card. I love the little hearts streaming down the front.
I owe her an ATC and hoped to have it in the mail by now. Wouldn't you know it, but my sewing machine chose just this moment to konk out on me! I went down to Walmart yesterday and picked up the best one they had. Now I can get the ones I am making done.
I also have some inchies I am making with the same background as the ATC's. Does anyone know what is usual for trading them? Do you trade one inchie or a set? I have enough to make two sets of four or three sets of three. What do you think?


Jacq said...

I have traded sets of 6 and sets of 10. There are no rules.

abeadlady said...

Really like that ATC. I haven't tried the Inchies yet.

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