Monday, March 17, 2008


I hadn't done an inchie this week after trying to start doing one a week with the Inching Artists because I didn't get to it by Friday. Now, what gave me the idea I had to have it done by Friday, I certainly don't know but when I went to the blog to see what this week's theme was I found out it is posted on Tuesdays. That means if I got it done tonight I'd be in under the wire! All this time constraint business is probably my own silliness anyway.

The theme for this week was numbers. 852 is a number that has cropped up for my husband so many times in his life that he feels it must have a special significance for him. He just can't figure out what that significance is! When he first joined the navy it was given to him as part of his service number. Then he was stationed aboard a ship with that number twice. Since then he has seen it on addresses, mail and many other things besides just happening to look at the clock so many times to see it at 8:52.

So I decided to do my numbered inchie with that number. I used both roman numerals and our regular numerals to make it. I like how it turned out and if anyone knows any significance to 852 I'd sure like to hear what it is. He's thinking it means May 2, 2008 (military dates use year, month, day).


ATCLindaB said...

well done, I like it...isn't weird how our minds think

Danielle D said...

Oh, how fasincating - I love the way you've incorporated this mysterious number into your art. Great inchie.

Fiona Whitehead said...

Fab inchie -and what a great story behind the numbers. You need to talk to a numerologist and uncover the secrets!

Mary Timme said...

He doesn't have much longer to wait then. For whatever. I thought the use of number with the explanation very clever.