Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tagged Again!

Arline of Shared Stuff By Arline has tagged me. Now I need to come up with seven random things about myself (seven more things, see here ) and then tag 5 people. I'm not sure who to tag as this one just found it's way back to me so it's gotten around. If you haven't been tagged and don't mind playing along leave me a comment and I will announce you as tagged so people can go see what you have to say and get to know you a little better. It took me a few days to think of things - guess I don't know myself very well!! Okay, here goes:

  1. I live in my mind mostly and always have. As a kid I usually played by myself as my game was in my head where others didn't know what was going on. My family think I'm in Lala Land but I'm really right here. I just may not be paying full attention to the world outside of myself when they think that.
  2. I am very scatterbrained and unorganized. Today I forgot I had coffee reheating in the microwave, almost burned my husband's sausage, and almost burned my waffle as I had my attention more on my computer than on the task at hand. Organization is a pile here, a pile there, and another over there and heaven help me if I need something that is in one pile when I am working with another. I do find my stuff but it might take a little while!
  3. I can't sing. Really. I have even been asked not to sing by my husband who can carry a tune. I know I can't sing as I can hear how awful I sound. If I can hear the difference between what sounds good and what sounds bad, how come I can't get my voice to make the changes? If you can sing then thank God for it as it is a gift we don't all have.
  4. I have trouble with poetry too. I can't understand most of the poetry I find in my magazines today. I like Walt Whitman and Shel Silverstein so I guess it's more modern or free verse I have the most trouble with. I am going to get a book to study on it though. Even though I can't change my voice I might be able to figure out the poetry. At least I am going to try.
  5. I like bubble baths and hate showers. What's the point of using up all the water unless you are going to spend an hour soaking up the warmth while reading a good book or magazine?
  6. I don't like to go into a small shop and walk out without buying something. I feel guilty for not buying. It's a stupid thing as no one can force me to buy but I feel guilty nonetheless.
  7. My husband was my first boyfriend. Not my first date, but he was the first guy I wanted and when he first told me he loved me (mind you, I was a 17 year old high schooler and he was a sailor just come back from Viet Nam) I asked him how much so he said "enough to marry me" to which I replied "When?" He asked my dad for my hand the next time he came to see me.


The Lone Beader said...

Your hubby was your first boyfriend?? That is so romantic!!!

Stacy Alexander said...

I had no idea we had soooooo much in common! YAY! We rule!!