Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another TIF Page

This is the second page to go in my ATC book for my mother. She was a very smart woman with a lot of common sense.

Since she used her head a lot I used a bigger copy of her head for her body/dress. I glazed over the print with black since she had to wear black or blue for her job (the one I remember most). I used the same printed tissue as on the cover and first page to make her flower brooch. A piece of blue wire became the blue pencil she held behind her ear. (Managers at May Co. back then were called blue pencils as they okayed things with them - you know, long before computers). I bought my mother a couple of large flower brooches when I got to go to Disneyland for field trips in junior high school. They gave her variety and brightened the two dresses she had.

The background was colored with blue pencil markings from a blue pencil left from the days she worked. I couldn't

believe it when I found the pencil in a few leftover items my father had saved of hers after she died (many years ago at age 56). I smeared a little black chalk on the background as it was too bright and stamped stars all over which were heat embossed with gold. They didn't stamp well on the glossy surface but I like how they don't dominate, just add a bit to the background.

You'll notice her hands are behind her back. Think of women back then whose "hands were tied" when it came to moving ahead.

My writing is atrocious and I always make mistakes. Next book I make I'll plan better and mark out the sections so I can type what I want to say. I'll bet I could say more in the same space that way too. Well, my paper figures are crudely done so my writing fits in anyhow.

I was very proud of my mother. People listened to her. They liked and respected her. I can't do half what my mother did.


Kiwi Ellen said...

What a lovely tribute to your dear Mother - I'd say you lost her way too soon but then any time we lose our Mother is too soon, isn't it?

Sue in western WA said...

"I can't do half what my mother did." I find that hard to believe. I'll bet you just do *different* things than your mother did.

freebird said...

Thankyou both. My mother did die too soon and although I was grown with two tiny children I was far from ready for her loss.

Sue, I will have to think about what you said. I've had two sisters tell me in the last two weeks I am too hard on myself (when I thought I was too easy) and you strike the same chord. I will have to take a look at who I am again!