Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy Day

Today was a busy, productive day for me.
I worked on many different projects for a change.

One of my new year's resolutions was to work from front to back in a good beadweaving how-to book to get my skills a little better all around. Today I started a bracelet in green and purple peyote. This is lesson one in the book Mastering Beadwork, A Comprehensive Guide to Off-loom Techniques by Carol Huber Cypher. I liked the pattern so that made it real easy to give my plan a try. I haven't looked ahead as I want it to be more like a real class.

I painted the faces on four sheets of paper stamped with this image of a woman. These are going to be used for cards I am making for my nieces business. I will be layering the hands and face over the base layer of the same stamp. She wanted some 3-D effect. Tomorrow I'll add more colors but it felt good to get so many copies done of just the face today.

As I did some of this work today, I thought of MaryTafoya's advice to get up and move about every so often and to sit so we don't strain our necks and backs. (She gave this advice at the beginning of the BJP). Needless to say, I thought of it when my neck started to hurt!

The decorative background paper started as a paper I stamped extra ink off of my face stamp onto. I added more stampings, chalk ink over paper strips, then tore up the paper strips and added them. I glazed over the whole thing and smushed plastic wrap over that while it was wet and then removed it to dry. Some more rubber stamping in gold and silver which needed embossing now that the paper was sealed with
glaze. I don't know whether I want to use this for ATC's or note cards but I'll get several out of it either way.

The red piece is for my TIF project. I need to add blue stars but the red is the basis for the marine page for my mother. Not a lot done on this page but a start is a start.

Last, but not least, I got some beading done on my BJP page for December. My eyes must not have been doing too well as I can see I should have added a bit of a darker green for the deeper shadows. I'm not going to change it now though. It's looking reasonably like the cookie jar in the photo under it.

That was my day of crafting. Hope your day went well too.

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Betzie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog tonight! I love your faces and papers. I like making my own papers too.
I just wanted to let you know I use an old Microsoft editing program for my computer picture collages. It's called Picture It...not sure they still make it, but you could google it and see. I love it because it's so much easier than Adobe or PaintShop Pro...but you can use those as well.
Hope to see you again!