Monday, January 28, 2008

Mosaic Star

I was over at Stacy Alexander-Listen to my Art Beat blog where she shows some beautiful mosaic hearts she is giving away for the One World One Heart blogger's giveaway. I told her I'd made one but it turns out I never took a picture of the hearts I made but I did take a picture of the star so I am showing it here.

I used seed beads and shells for my tiles. I feel like the beads look like sea glass. I edged it with shell beads. I turned it into a magnet for my fridge.

I've ordered some mosaic glass tiles and tile nippers so I can try some more mosaic projects. I want to make some polyclay tiles too and try doing some projects in the Mixed Media Mosaics, Techniques and projects book by Laurie Mika. In fact I have a cross stitch picture I designed and made that needs a frame and I thought I might use the techniques in this book to make a frame for it.
I made this cross stitch almost 2 years ago for my bathroom to go with my shower curtain. I made it square never worrying about a frame until it was completed. I never seem to remember I don't live in a large metropolitan area anymore and square frames to fit my picture or even pieces from which to make one just don't show up on WalMarts shelves. So it's been sitting and now I have a book that has inspired me to make my own frame. When I get it done, I'll post it but please don't hold your breath - you'll turn blue long before I get this project done!


Grace said...

I was just at Stacy's site too, her hearts are amazing!

I like your star too, I'm a sucker for seed beads in any form :-) I look forward to seeing what you do when you get the mosaic glass tiles.

beadbabe49 said...

Your star is beautimus...and I'd love to hear how you like laurie mika's book...I've been considering getting it, but haven't found a copy I can look through first and I just don't buy books without seeing inside them anymore...

The Lone Beader said...

I love the shells! :)

Stacy Alexander said...

THERE it is! I've been over here three times looking for it. Don't know how I missed it before. I love your star. It is just lovely! ...and I love the pages you're working on, too! That being patted down for a girdle story cracked me up! Can you imagine?!

Have a great day...and thank you for your inspirational art and great blog!


Sue in western WA said...

I really like your mosaic star. Lucky you to have something so cool on your frige!

Saw your squares for the Pink Artist project over on Girl Gone Thread Wild's blog and just had to tell you how much I like them :- )

robin krieger said...

Freebirdsings, I love the start you have made . Very nice . Here is my email addy .Email me and I will give you my snail addy for the one world one heart contest.
Robin Krieger