Sunday, January 6, 2008

TIF Planning

I finally found 3 photos of my mother that I can use to give a face to my paper dolls. I woke up last night realizing I hadn't thought about the face but only about the personas I saw in my mom. I started to panic thinking perhaps this challenge would be too much. I think I am starting to breathe again.

I cut some thin corrugated cardboard into ATC sized pieces as I am hoping to turn this into an ATC book. I printed out some faces but they are too big so need to do it again. At least I have started.

Now I need to decide if I will do all the dolls in black and white to go with her pictures or add some color to the pictures and make the dolls in color. Enough for today; I am still getting over a cold I got from the grandkids and I have other projects that are plenty behind that need some work too.


Sue in western WA said...

I think the paper dolls of your mother is a cool idea. I'll be interested in seeing your results :- )

La Manosa said...

I am really curious to see how you will make your paper dolls, it sounds like it will be a great idea!

I've also had moments of self doubt about the challenge. I think for me, it is that I want to try techniques that I have little or no familiarity with and that I want it to turn out really well. Oddly enough, my wanting it to turn out well seems to take some of the fun out of playing with my project and being artistic.

Your beaded bean pot is lovely! It must have taken quite some time to complete. I like that you chose an object that was meaningful to you. It looks like your daughter acquired some of your artistic skills too. Her paintings on the walls are gorgeous.

sparkle jars said...

Thank you for your kind posts. I love these photos of your mom. She looks a lot like Sigourney Weaver. So pretty!
By the way, your beadwork is beautiful.
I had lunch in Kingman years ago. You are very lucky to live in Arizona and so close to so many beautiful National Parks.

freebird said...

La manosa: It does seem to take some of the fun out of it. I need to take Jacqui's advice (look at posting done after this one; comments) and try to warm up to it first. Thanks for looking over my blog. I'll tell my daughter about your comments on her painting.
Sparkle jars: Would you believe, I have never been to a national park in all of my 53 years? Kingman has grown quite a bit since you were here but our biggest and best store is still Walmart! I have tried to get JoAnn Fabrics to give us a try but no luck.